iSentry is an autonomous behavioural analytic software requiring no operator and administrator input.

iSentry is a windows based plug and play software. By accessing video from the RTSP stream, iSentry is surveillance hardware agnostic and fully hybrid at server and user interface level. iSentry is cloud ready.

iSentry has the following modules:

  • Unusual Behavior Detection
  • Reliable indoor and outdoor left-object detection (LOD)
  • Video Trip Wires (VTW)

i-Sentry is underpinned by a unique set of algorithms:

SELF LEARNING – automatically identify movement patterns of people, vehicles and objects

BEHAVIOURAL – find abnormalities and generate alerts to warn of potential threats (even those not known beforehand)

  • Autonomously filter through vast amounts of live video
  • Intelligent enough to self learn and adapt to different and continuously changing scenarios
  • Learns and is able to alert within 24 hrs making it quick to deploy and scalable

Unusual Behaviour Detection (UBD): iSentry can filter out over 95% of normal motion video and only present unusual activity to operators. It provides excellent & unrivalled situational awareness and the ability to achieve an effective immediate response

Reliable indoor and outdoor left-object detection (LOD): Realizing that on occasion it is what doesn’t move rather than what moves that is important, iSentry can reliably detect small objects left in busy outdoor areas (or indoor). iSentry can cope with almost all weather conditions, rain, hail or shine.

Video Trip Wires (VTW) activate alerts based on an object crossing a threshold. Video trip wires include location, direction, size and speed options which are ideal for no traffic areas like ceilings and perimeter fences.

Harness the Power of Self Learning – iSentry is a self-learning artificial intelligence algorithm. This means that there is very little set up and no need to have programmers and engineers spend hours configuring rules. iSentry constantly learns from its environment and detects unusual behaviour all on its own.

Deploy & Train with Ease – iSentry is highly flexible compared to rules based video analytics systems. It is easy to implement and easy to manage with low administration needs. Operators with low skill set and experience are able to grasp the user interface with ease.

Monitor Areas with High Motion – Traditional video monitoring devices are built to react to motion but are unable to reduce and analyse video feeds where constant motion is present.


  • Fully self-learning, behavioral analytic – no human intervention required to alert
  • Able to be deployed in fluid, busy areas with fewer nuisance alarms
  • Hardware agnostic, highly scalable and Cloud ready
  • Uniquely scalable – minimal set-up and maintenance
  • Priced at a fraction of surveillance infrastructure costs
  • Mature product with 10 year deployment legacy in the real world