The use of nanny cameras, that are either hidden or installed in plain sight to record a nanny or teachers activities on the job, is a highly debated topic. Some parents feel it’s wise to use what technology has to offer to monitor kids’ safety and care, while others feel that the use of a nanny camera especially one that is used to record a person without his or her knowledge,is an invasion of privacy or at the very least uncomfortable for the person who is being watched.
A nanny cam can be a useful tool if it is used appropriately. Here we look at the possible pros of using nanny cameras to keep an eye on your children and their caregiver or school while you’re away or to play back recordings when in need.
Using a Nanny Cam is Legal with Some Exceptions
It is legal to make a video recording of anything that happens in your home, as long as you have a valid reason for doing it, such as monitoring your baby or caregiver. It doesn’t matter if the camera is hidden or not, though if you are recording your nanny or other staff you need to do it public areas of the house, such as the kitchen, living room, play area or work space and not in private areas such as the bathroom or a personal bedroom belonging to your nanny.
The Pros of Using a Nanny Cam
When asked why they choose to use a nanny cam to record their nanny’s interactions with their children, many parents cite these benefits obtained from using a nanny cam.
  • Nanny cams offer parents peace of mind.
It can be difficult to leave your children in someone else’s care, especially with a new nanny or babysitter. Nanny cams can provide comfort by giving you the ability to see that your kids are safe and content.
  • Monitoring your children’s safety is your right.
There’s surveillance in many workplaces, including most day care centers and schools. Should a child care provider in your home be exempt from safety surveillance?
  • A nanny cam can be your eyes and ears when children are too young to speak up.
Young children can’t tell you what’s happening while you are gone, and you can’t always rely on feedback from friends and neighbours who by chance happen to see your children and their nanny together at a park or school. When kids are older, they can let you know if their nanny is distracted by her phone, avoids outdoor play, or allows screen time that goes against your family rules. Until then, it’s nice to see how their day plays out while you’re away.
  • Nanny cams allow you to feel better connected.
Some working parents feel sad or guilty for missing out on everyday moments and milestones. Technology allows you to check in and see your child’s face or catch a glimpse of milestones you may otherwise miss.