With the advancement of the technology and the reducing prices of the cameras and other electronic devices, home CCTV systems have become a common household option.
On the other hand, crime is always on the rise, no one wishes to be left out of any possible protection. People may choose home or Office CCTV systems for many reasons. Here are five of the top reasons for you to have one:
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1. Feel safe and sleep tight
Most people are afraid of being a victim of crime. Once in a while you may also wake up in the middle of the night from a sudden noise. Then you will find it hard to go to sleep without making sure that anyone has entered the house. A CCTV system will be the perfect answer to such worries.
With such a system installed, you may visualise the front door, back door and any other possible entry points from the comfort of your bedroom. You can even pay a fee to a security firm and have them monitor the house using your CCTV system all day long. It may cost a bit, but the secure feeling you get from such a system is priceless.
2. Deter potential burglars
You may not want to catch criminals. All you want is to discourage potential criminals from attempting a burglary. If you can install a CCTV system with visible cameras, burglars may very well look for other targets.
3. As  evidence
Most of the time, people get robbed but the burglars leave no trace behind. With a remote CCTV home surveillance system you will have hard evidence against the burglars. The police will trace the culprits using your videos. A remote system will record the videos at a distant location so that the burglars will not a stand a chance of destroying any recorded data, even if they turn your house upside down.
4. Nanny cameras
Some parents can never be fully assured unless they have a direct view of their children; nanny camera is the answer to such parents. You can install a nanny camera at your child’s room and monitor the activities from your mobile, tablet or laptop even if you are many miles away.
You will catch an unattended child, a nanny abusing your child or any other emergency at home and have options to act on accordingly.
5. Stay informed
Other than the advantages given above, some people just want to stay informed. They prefer to know who’s by the front door before they walk out from their bedroom. If you feel the same then you may appreciate a CCTV system which shows you who are walking through the gate and who are standing by the door long before you stand up from your chair.
Advantages of a home CCTV system are many. In the modern world you will never be fully secured without one. And with the current prices one has little argument for not having one either.