Key Specifications/Special Features of Facial Recognition:
  1. CRT-VF360 is the latest in control technology a full touch 3-inch colour screen facial machine.
  2. Support face, card, card & face, password, face & password, password & card, face& card & password
  3. It is with the latest technology ZEM810 core board, ZK face latest face recognition algorithm
  4. Large capacity, fast identification, integrated high-resolution night vision infrared and colour camera
  5. The scope wide, not subject to the influence of external light.
  6. Whether it is or in the dark under the glare can be performed effectively identify
  7. Applicable in many fields and enterprises attendance and access control management
  8. Capacity of facial recognition access control terminal CRT-VF360
  9. Card capacity: 10,000
  10. Facial capacity: 200
  11. Recording capacity: 100, 000
  12. Basic configuration of face to open doors device CRT-VF360
  13. Display: 3 inches high resolution colour screen
  14. Facial identification algorithm
  15. ZK Face high speed algorithm
  16. Camera: high-resolution infrared colour camera
  17. Transmission function utilized by facial identification device to achieve time attendance and access control
  18. Communication
  19. TCP/IP networking
  20. U disk function support
  21. Main function of the high resolution infrared camera time attendance and access control system
  22. Attendance function
  23. T9 input method, 9 yards, record query