ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recognition



What is ANPR/LPR?

Automatic Number Plate Recognition/Licence Plate Recognition (ANRP/LPR) is a technology that uses optical recognition on images to detect registration plates.

ANPR can be used to capture & store the images captured by the cameras as well as the details from the license plate, with some able to store a photograph of the driver. These systems mostly use infrared lighting to allow the camera to take the picture at any time of the day with a clear image quality, allowing you to track vehicles coming in and out. ANPR technology must take into account plate variations from place to place. ANRP has been described it as a form of mass surveillance.

Now highly intelligent licence plate technology is putting car plates to far more intelligent use – most commonly to improve security, communication and convenience – in places such as top-market homes, private schools, golf estates, towns, malls and casinos.

The technology works by streaming full high-resolution video over wireless connections to record the data from a number plate. The uses for this data are broad; a stolen car can be instantly tracked or the perpetrator of an accident can be traced and caught.

About the Camera: 

“The DF5200HD-IR-ANPR is a special camera with integrated IR illumination. The images provided by the camera are optimised for the automatic recognition of vehicle number plates on a SEDOR ANPR Server appliance.

Equipped with the most advanced sensor and encoder technology, a powerful IR illumination and a special optical filter, the camera provides high-resolution and monochrome video footage. This is the ideal base for precise and fast 24-hour number plate recognition, regardless of environmental conditions or changing lighting at day and night.

The camera features an outstanding infrared sensitivity and permanently supplies infrared images with excellent contrast. The restriction on the infrared range allows for the elimination of disturbing daylight and ambient conditions. In addition, the intense IR reflection of modern number plates is optimally utilised. This enables recordings with brilliant clarity and highest detail resolution, ideal for a precise number plate recognition in a 24/7 operation.

The outstanding infrared sensitivity of the camera is supported by the integrated homogeneous IR illumination. It is based on semi-covert 850 nm high power LEDs and permits an illumination range of up to 18 m.

The camera is equipped with special pre-sets in order to provide optimum recordings for the number plate recognition with SEDOR ANPR Server. This allows the quick and easy adjustment of the settings to different capture ranges. Individual adjustments of the camera settings are usually not required.

The camera is equipped with RAM memory that is used by the EdgeStorage function for storing the video stream in case of a network failure. When the network is restored, the SmartBackfill function ensures a fast transmission to the SMAVIA recording system. This stores the video stream with high speed and then continues the recording of the live stream seamlessly.”


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